bill slaughter md

Practice logistics background

The logistics of healthcare can be tremendously complex. My goal at the Hancock St. office is to meet with people in a simple office setting, with a personal feel different from clinic-based encounters. Working alone in this way at the Hancock St. office, I don't have a staff to help with logistical complexities. Clinics have staffs devoted to phone and paperwork details (insurance and pharmacy requirements can be tremendously time-consuming). I do use the services of billing company, which is quite helpful with many details; I also ask folks I meet with to themselves help sometimes with clarifying/attending to logistical details in case those are critical in allowing us to meet. Thanks in advance for your understanding and assistance; please of course go over any questions with me, insurance and pharmacies, the billing company, etc. This cooperation allows this independent and personal sort of setting to continue.

First visit paperwork specifics:

If we've set a time by phone for a first face-to-face meeting, please look over the three "first visit paperwork" documents here. You must bring two of them, filled out, to the first visit. The three pieces of paperwork here are:

  1. Healthcare background form--This must be printed and brought to our first meeting.
  2. One "hat I wear" is that of a physician; of course to think and help most comprehensively it's important to understand each of us holistically. Sometimes there are general medical questions or issues which might be more of an influence on psychological-emotional level experiences than one might think; also for insurance use, this documentation is needed. We can of course go over specifics when we talk.

  3. Privacy and Fees statement.
  4. You may print this if like for your records, or simply take a look on-line. Part of the "Agreement" form (next) is noting that you've looked these over and gone over any questions with me (when we first meet, or certainly call me to discuss prior if that seems critical).

  5. Contact etc Agreement--You must print this and bring to our first meeting.
  6. This gives your contact info and details about the parameters of us meeting. In addition, if we'll be using insurance to meet, the insurance part of this form **AS WELL AS PLEASE BRINGING A PHOTOCOPY I CAN KEEP OF BOTH SIDES--FRONT AND BACK--OF YOUR ONE OR MORE INSURANCE CARDS** are critical.

  7. Healthcare insurance card(s) front-back photocopy--You must bring this to our first meeting.
  8. Photocopy of BOTH SIDES of your insurance card--and of any card(s) of any secondary or additional health insurances currently applicable--please bring such (a) photocopy(ies) to our first meeting, along with the Healthcare background and Contact etc Agreement forms as above.

    Delaying healthcare billing much beyond the first visit is a cause for payment denial, so please bring the two printed/completed forms and the insurance card front/back copies! Thanks very much!