bill slaughter md

Integrative, holistic support for
development and health of the adult psyche

Some background:

I'm a general adult psychiatrist with formal schooling in three traditions:

I've worked in/with (and founded, administered etc) many various health settings, people across the lifespan and ethnicities, and roles (unlicensed, then licensed as mental health counselor, then later as physician): nursing home orderly, pre-school assistant teacher, child/family counselling in-home and office, community clinics, substance abuse, jail, psychiatric and general hospitals, residential homes, adults in relationship (couples, and more), community health system planning/contracting/administration, etc.

Sampling of some invited presentations and community participation:

Through interest in people, languages and the world, I stumbled into close family, friends and colleagues relations across ethnicities, including some schooling on Jewish-Islamic/Middle East Studies and International Relations/Security. In addition to general talk and medication work with patients, I focus on tie-building across challenging ethnic lines--in touch with all, while allocating most of my scarce teaching and advocacy time to communities with less current resources.