Please call me at 617.233.8957. If I don’t pick up (often the case), please leave a message with possible time-day windows to try you back.

We can briefly go over any questions, whether we think we might be “a fit” for one or more initial meetings, identify possible other resources, etc.

If it seems like it’d be fruitful for us to talk more, but we can’t immediately for whatever reason, we can stay in touch for a first session later. Please consider looking through what I’ve put at the “Shopping for healthcare” tab on this web site.

I’m only working remotely now, via a video platform or voice phone, with US Postal Service for any paperwork needs.

I don’t use e-mail, texting, fax, etc, because of confidentiality concerns and inability to ensure prompt response.

Of course, clever and strong electronic confidentiality safeguards are quite important and anxiety relieving…to an extent, as it seems that everything has the potential to be hacked.