Resource Links

This is a very hodgepodgy links list.  Narrow and unsystematic, only in English, US-centric, simply me thinking of a smattering of angles
on help, with some helper-search lists, some articles, some organizations, and such.  Over time, some have been removed – and added,
after suggestions by others. Of course I mean no specific endorsement; perhaps these will link further to helpful sites and such.
Caution, as always.

Please feel free to phone me with any thoughts about these – should some be taken off?  Corrections made?  Others added?  Thanks for any comments on these.

General healthcare:

Human Context, Ethnicity etc.


Jungian Analytic:

Mental Health/Psychiatry:


Substance Abuse:


*Entries with asterisks are part of our US government or likely have significant support from it. Much maligned and certainly doing destructive actions for hundreds of years, this entity (US government) does have redeeming aspects, such as some good (and imperfect) supports for health of all of us. Let’s make it better.